We offer a wide range of high quality and innovative flexo presses, flexo analogue displays and processors.

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Our product

Displays for analogue and digital plates - PROCESSOR - D3 / D4 / D5

Incremental flexographic processor for analogue and digital plates, in 3 different sizes.

EXPOSURE – D3 / D4 /D5

Exhibitors for flexographic analogs and digital plates, in 3 different sizes

D50D – D50F


How does the installation work?

Installation provided directly by DAM ITALY with specialized technicians or entrusted to a team of titled resellers. The same process is also present in the after-sales.

What is the customer service number?

Direct customer support contacts via email, via social media, via direct messaging worldwide, to which a specialized operator will always respond to take charge of the request.

What spare parts do you have?

All spare parts concern our machines or those of other manufactures, at the most to process everything in 24 hours, barring unforeseen events.

How can I view your catalog?

Our catalogs are available in the download area, to access all the material just register in the login area of ​​the website.